What’s been happening??

Well not photos, I haven’t KonMari’ed them at all. Really nothing on the KonMari front has happened since my last post except maybe more things have been brought into my home, baby included. I have set up a few cupboards and stored a few kids clothes but nothing too great. 
I actually think I need to go through my categories again, obviously this time it will be soooo much easier. Generally all things are together and not spread over the house, so that will help. What won’t help is my new little constant companion.
A little on Nash: Nash is my most handsome adorable baby boy, arriving into the world in 3 hrs after a very long build up the weeks prior. He’s a big boy, 4.38kg at birth and was over 7kg by 8 weeks of age. He’s such a cruisey easy baby and fills our lives with so much joy. 
A little on KonMari and baby blues: coming home on day 5 from being away to welcome our baby earthside, I thought that my house being konmari’ed would protect me a little from freaking out about mess. I don’t think it helped though, finding the time with a new baby to put things away and find new homes for things was stressing me out. We also got some donations from family at the same time and my anxiety went through the roof. Truth is if it wasn’t the house, I would have been anxious about something else. My post baby blues are extreme and for nearly 3 weeks I fight the anxiety and mood swings, skirting fearfully close to post natal depression. I had great support in the local health service and I myself are very aware and pro-active in this space. I worked hard to pull though that time and each day it gets easier and easier, a few practical steps I took was to limit stresses by turning facebook off and having a social media holiday, giving cloth nappies a break for a bit and to not feel guilty over that, I used the dryer for a month so I didn’t need to worry about getting outside to hang out clothes and not fall behind with washing (Nash is a vomiter and the washing loads tripled), and I decided that my house would get more konmari’ed later.  
Nearly 3 months on and things are settling in our home, my head is clearer and I feel it’s time to start back into it. I didn’t end up getting back to cloth nappies, laziness maybe, ease, oh and he has way more wee’s then my daughter, soaking a nappy in an hour easily. And so looking at my cloth nappy collection used to make me happy, and now it just brings so much guilt, I don’t think they spark joy anymore, I have had to make the decision they will have to be passed onto someone else. Still feeling guilty though.
So now to just find some time to work though the categories again and find that ‘click’ point……can’t wait!!
Kat xx



Leaving out photos for the very last, I moved onto sentimental.  During the whole house purge, I was very quick to rule something as sentimental and started collecting my pile….


I waded through it, actually not knowing how I would go.  To my surprise I was able to rid myself of some major baggage.  Stuff from past relationships just completely failed to spark joy, I had thought in the past that holding onto that stuff was important, as I had learnt some major lessons through it all, and maybe I wanted to hold onto the fact that yep, at one stage that boy had loved me.  However, now I know the opposite is true, I still learnt my lessons, they are within me.  Keeping stuff to remember that pain was not necessary, even reading it all again one last time was not.  Away into the trash it went, and I felt sooooooo much lighter the second I did it.  I know that when I come to photos of exes it will be the same…..I do not want or need them.

So the finish looked ok, one box to put into electronic form and then discard (old diaries) and then a box to throw out.


And just this left;


I was very impressed with the speed at which I could do this category.   I know photos will be so much harder.  But I’m so close to the end now…….yay!!

Kat xx


The Toys!

Again…..AHHHHH! Why is anything to do with the kids stuff so hard.  I find it so tricky deciding what to keep for them.  My daughter is only 18mths old so still too young to ask.  Plus I may use in the future with the other kids.

So here were the toys;


I only managed to purge a little…..

And re-organised her toys as follows;


Honestly though, I think it didn’t stay like this for long, toys may be one of those areas you just have to re-do over and over again.  Especially as they grow.

Kat xx


Baby clothes

Wow this was a hard one.  We are still in the process of growing our family, so we kinda have to hold onto baby clothes and clothes my daughter has outgrown, just in case another girl comes along.  Ps. my money is on another girl this time and am hopeful for a boy next time.

Anyway, I had to get it done, but it was a mess, clothes for my daughter now and in the future (we keep getting hand me downs and its hard to say no to these, especially when they are in such good nik), and then clothes she has outgrown, and even hand me downs for a baby boy (should my husband be right (again)).

So the pulling out of all the clothes took place……baby clothes before

Then the sorting began.  Ahh it wasn’t easy, I can tell you. Why are there such variances in kids clothing sizes?  Sometimes my daughter is still in 00 for shorts but a size 1 in shirts, made the process very hard.

My purge pile wasn’t great, but I know that when we finish having children, I will be able to quickly assess what needs to be purged, as they grow etc.


Then there was the baby blankets and sheets etc…..

baby blankets before

So I didn’t purge any blankets or sheets at the time, even though I had loads.  But since then have offered some to a friend and I think I’m giving her about 8 or so.  But now they are all organised and stacked nicely.

blankets after

So now things look a little like this inside my daughters cupboard;

And her dresser is organised and I know where things are.  I actually have noticed the biggest difference here, with folding the KonMari way….and this post is long over due, I think I did her clothing, maybe a month a go, and the draws look like this today (with minimal effort too);

The baby’s clothes aren’t as organised yet….but I still have 2 months before he/she arrives;


Neutral sex clothing at the front, then a boy box and a girl box behind. Ready to be pulled out and washed when we get the newborn home.

Kat xx


Baby Furniture

My sister in law had her last baby when my daughter was born and so we have inherited a few items from her, so we had some double ups.  Also while sorting out baby furniture I came across some more electrical items (old heaters and a vacuum cleaner) in the new babies room and so these were given away.  Also purged from our house was; a baby bassinet, some baby sheets and baby play mat. Hmmm how come if felt like more than that????

Ok super boring category, guess the house is getting less and less in it and so are my posts.

Toys and baby clothes up next before I can move onto sentimental. and then finally organising and arranging stuff.

Kat xx

Décor items

This was a quick and easy one, mainly as we don’t have many display figurines etc.  We did a quick joy check on items already hung or displayed about the home and they are stayed.  Then we had a few items to go through in the TV display cabinet.

We decided to part ways with boxed that glasses came in, and turns out I really need to get some Silvo and polish a few things up.  We got rid of a few figurines and that’s about it.  The day after the purge the fish died and so we are also parting ways with the fish tank and all the items that go along with that.

Next up was baby furniture…..ahhh we have sooooo much!

Kat xx